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You can login using a facebook/twitter/instagram/pinterest/youtube account. We do not use any password based login system for twitter, facebook and youtube. When you authorize our app with these sites, they will send us an access token and we recognize the user with his token. Anyways we use password based login for instagram and pinterest.

Login with instagram and pinterest

We always try to use api for our website. But for instagram and pinterest we use password based login. Why? Because they do not allow uploads using developer api. Read their statement here and pinterest api is not supporting uploads yet. Because we want to provide you with web based upload service, its necessary to use password based login and submit upload requests on behalf of you. And we provide valuable privacy to your accounts. Your password is stored encrypted in our database and always safe with us. If you change your mind later, you can delete your instagram/pinterest account from our site. To do this you must connect a twitter/facebook/youtube profile because if you have only one profile connected with your exposure account, system will not allow you to delete it.

Add page

When you login with facebook or pinterest, we automatically gather all the pages you manage. Hence you do not have to add any page manually. If you create a new page on facebook while you are logged in our system, you can add the new page in any of the two ways mentioned - logout and login again in our website or add a page manually from your dashboard. Same goes with pinterest.

Create folder and upload files

After you add your pages and profiles, you can create new folder and uploaded files. For this navigate to user dashboard and select folder tabs. You can create as many folder you like within an acceptable limit. When a folder is created, it is ready to accept file uploads (image/video). You can also add text files to a folder if you wish to post text status only. For this click Add text post+ button in folder view. In case you wish to set all of your uploads a common caption, we also have the options for this. To use this feature, click Set a common title before uploading button in folder view and type in your caption, click save. Note that, you must type the common caption before uploading. To reset the common caption click Set a common title before uploading button again and then click the reset button. To use filename as caption tick the checkbox before upload.

Schedule a page

You can view the attached schedule to a page from your dashboard Fan Pages tab. Click on the label of any page to view and change the schedule attached to it.

How to manage schedules

Once the schedule is retrieved, you can manage the time to post.

Auto hide/delete a post

There is also an auto hide/delete feature that you can use. This auto hide/delete will delete a posted update when it is older than specified time limit. If you select this option, the posted updates will be counted towards the deletion time from the time of posting. If you change the deletion time period afterwards, it will be effective only for the posts that are made after this change and it will not affect already posted updates.

Page feed cleanup tool

This tool will allow you to quickly cleanup posts from your pages that are not necessary. To use this option click button below your page name. You can choose either to hide or delete the selected posts. It will show only the last 50 posts from your page feed. Posts hiding is available for facebook only. Note: Due to facebook api limitation, we may not be able to show you older posts from your profiles.


Set a timezone if you want to make and view schedule on your local time. When no timezone selected we will show schedule times in default UTC timezone.

Batch schedule

If you to scheule all of your pages to a common folder and time then this option is for you. Simply navigate to dashboard Batch scheule tab and make batch schedule there. This works same as single schedules

Posting on a page manually

If you want to manually post on your connected profiles or pages click button right beside your page names.

Cropping instagram videos

We will automatically crop any photos uploaded to instagram. We do it only at the time of uploading and your original photos are not affected in any way. They are in original size so can be used as it is for facebook or twitter scheduling.
Our cropping algorithm:
Any photo which is not square will be cropped [Note: Instagram only accepts square photos]
Any photo having width or height less than 400px will be streched to 650x650
If the photo has a width or height between 400px to 1024px, the photo will be cropped with that pixel length [Note: width or height whichever is smaller will be considered to preserve image quality]
Cropping will be done from left top corner by default

Instagram video trimming

Instagram does not allow videos longer than 15 seconds. So whatever video you schedule to upload to instagram, it will be trimmed to 15 seconds long clip. We will start trimming from 00:00 by default.

Youtube Video Configuration

You can set youtube video configurations for only video files. To set this, click the "Youtube" label for a files and a window allowing you to save video title, description, privacy and tags will pop up. Just make it there and hit save button. You can also set global youtube configuration for all of your videos. This is available in "Upload Tools" tab. If you set a global configuration, all your videos that are not configured manually will have these meta data.

Configure youtube settings

Rate Limits

Your schedules will be rate limited if you exceed your post limits based on your membership or blocked by facebook/twitter/instagram. Rate limits are reassessed each hour. So as soon as those profiles come over the limit, the will normally operate again.

Using upload tools

You can use the upload tools to set a text/image watermark to be added on your posted images. First add preset from "Upload tools" tab. You can add multiple preset based on your membership. If you select both text and image watermark, we will use image watermark. Text watermarks are added as white color Tahoma font. If you fill up the append text input, the text will be added to each caption/status by default. Note that, if you pass empty caption no text will be added and the maximum length of watermark image that you can upload is 200px and 100KB size. This will be good when you want to add your signature to each post. Finally add this preset to the schedule you want.

No video watermarks

Please note that right this moment, we allow watermarking tool only for photos and text. Videos are not supported now. In future we may consider adding this tool for videos as well.

Rearrange file contents

It is possible to change the position of folder contents (text/image/video) as they appear. To do this click the icon on the top of folder header ribbon. This will activate file reposition mode. Then drag any file and swap its position with another to rearrange them around. After you are done with rearrangement click "Save" button to save position or click "Cancel" button to discard changes. If you click "Cancel" changes will not be saved but the files you dragged will be left on their dragged position. You can simply ignore this. To start from fresh reload the folder and start repositioning again.

Click this icon to enter reposition mode

You can rearrange files only within the loaded page and one page loads only 24 files. In order to rearrange within different page, try loading the folder from different offset (use search file option) and change position in a way so that the desired content is swaped in the desired page. For example if you want to drag the 36th file to 1st position. Then load the folder from 20th offset and drag the 36th file to 20th position. Then load the folder from 1st position and again drag the 20th file to 1st position and you are done!

Post Priority

When you schedule your page, you can set priority of file types to be posted. There are options to choose among text, image or video files. If you select video at top priority and text at next priority, videos will be posted first, texts posts will be posted after all videos are posted and so on. To swap priority drag the file type labels of individual schedule settings like below-

Set file type priority for schedules

If you want to post contents as they appear on folder view enable "Post as ordered" option. To give priority to certain file, you can reposition them as described here.

Uploading text as image

Some sites like pinterest and instagram do not support text status. So we introduced a tool to convert your text status to image and post them to social sites that do not support text. In this case your text will be written on image and the same text will be put as caption. Anyways, we currently supports text status which contains characters in range a-z 0-9 and some limited number of special characters. If your text status is shown as not eligible for posting as image that means that text contains some special character that we do not support. To configure text to image upload settings you must configure each of your text status separately or set a global configuration. If a global configuration is used all supported text files of your folder will be converted to image and posted on social sites that do not support text. You can manually configure each text file by clicking the label "Settings" on each text file. And to set a global configuration use "Upload tools" tab. After saving the settings successfully you can preview sample image.

Configure text upload settings

Payment methods we support

Currently we support only paypal payment


We have different membership plans to meet various levels of user demands. You can choose the best package for your needs. There is an option to make recurring or one time payment. If you make one time payment, you will have to create payment manually every month to continue with your plan. You can always renew 7 days before your membership expires. With recurring payments, memberships are automatically renewed and you don't have to worry about the expiry date. You can cancel the payment anytime. Note that, you MUST cancel a recurring payment from paypal payment options

Membership upgrade

When you upgrade your membership, your current membership discontinues and new membership starts. Anyways, if you want a refund for old membership, contact us with your queries. We will decide if the payment is refundable.

Membership expiry/downgrade

If your membership expires or downgrades, nothing of your data/storage is deleted. But you will have to delete some storage on your own to cope with your new storage plans. Also your posts and folder limits will change with membership. We will warn you 7 days and 3 days before your membership expires (not appliable for recurring payment)

Payment Problems

If you have any problem with payment, don't panic. Please contact us via email. We will solve the issue for you.

Token expiry

Facebook tokens have a life of 60 days. For this reason, you must login back to your dashboard at least once in 60 days. Also, if you change password or disable the app, it will not work with your account. In case of expired tokens, we will email you the issue so you can log in back with a fresh token. All your schedules will be suspended until we get a new fresh token.
Twitter and youtube tokens are long lasting as long as you do not delete our app from your accounts. If you delete app from twitter/youtube, your schedules will not work anymore. You will have to login again in our site.

Shared folders are readonly

When you share your folder with community, your folder will become readonly. You cannot add or edit content anymore within this folder but you can delete content. This is to protect our users from posting misleading contents. For example, if a user already reviewed your folder and add it to their account, he may add schedules with this folder. Later on if the folder owner adds some spam/misleading content to that folder, the user will have penalty on their social accounts. So we disabled all edit request to shared folders.

Payment policy on ad post

When you use our advertisement folders, we will pay you for each ad post we make on your profile. However the time for posting is upto you. You can choose to post once a day anytime. Your post must be public and not deleted for 5 days maximum. After 5 days of posting, we will check that post and if it is still alive, we will assogn the posting credit to your account. Anyways, free users will always get a ad post on their page (pages that they schedule using our app) daily that get deleted after 30 minutes but users who choose ad folder will not get automatic ad posts. So its better for you to choose a suitable ad package from our list and bypass random ad post.

Referral payment policy

We only pay for each unique user sign up using your referral link. If a user add multiple accounts using your referral link, you will get prize for one user only. Anyways, we have minimum requirements of likes/followers needed for a user to make you earn referral credit. See more at affiliate page.

Sending Messages

You can only message someone when they allowed messaging in their privacy settings. You will find the options to send private message on users profile. If you already messaged someone, you can also send from message history in community tabs.