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Are you managing lots of fan pages on facebook? Having a twitter, instagram, youtube or pinterest profile? It's getting harder for you to manage all of your social profiles? Watermarking your uploads taking much time? Exposure The Management App ® is the autoposter app that will make your life easier. Exposure The Management App ® allows you to save your posts, photos, videos and links to our server and make necessary schedules to post them on your profiles automatically. To get started simply connect your facebook, twitter or instagram account with us and we take the responsibility to manage your profiles. Visit our help section for more info or contact us directly with your question.

Get started scheduling with 5 easy steps!

1. Sign up with your profile

2. Add your profiles & pages

3. Upload posts

4. Manage posting schedules

5. Enjoy autoposting

Read our features and you will know why social profile management has become so easier!

Efficient Scheduling and autoposting!

We allow complete control on your schedules to autopost them on exact time. You can choose minute, hour or day intervals, when to post and how many to post. Pause/delete schedule any time, change the content to post or time of posting. Its also possible to manage facebook, twitter or instagram schedules all together.

Auto deleting or hiding posts!

Did you ever think that you should hide or delete old posts when they loose fans attention or they simply get obsolete? Our Exposure The Management App lets you automatically delete or hide[facebook] posted contents. You have options to delete/hide them minutes/hours after posting or even few days after.

Clean your page feed!

Most of the social sites do not allow you to bulk delete/hide your posts or statuses. Here we offer you a page feed cleaner tool that shows your recent posts and allow you to select them in bulk to delete or hide all together. Now you can delete all in one click!

Bulk upload from web!

If you have too many posts or videos to upload, you can simply choose them all and upload in bulk and autopost. It's also possible to add a caption for all of the uploads before uploading. Forget all the pains to upload a full folder to your profile and add caption to them. You can manage it all here.

Multiple folders to organize uploads!

We allow you to upload different type of contents by creating different folders. For example, if you have a page to share meme, you can upload all the memes to one folder and attach that to your page schedule. On the other hand if some pages are there to share funny quotes, create another folder and add quotes there and you're all set.

Batch scheduling!

Now you can manage batch schedules on all your pages at once. This feature allows you to set a time, folder and preset and bulk select from your facebook pages and create schedule on the fly!

Add watermark to images!

You can choose to watermark all your images before the upload. We allow text watermark (your name or brand name) or image watermark (your logo). Apart from watermark, you can add also a default text to append with each of your caption/post. So now on you have stopped the theives from stealing your creation from public media.

Multiple schedule management!

This awesome feature allows you to create multiple schedules all with different timing, folders and preset on the same page. Manage all different schedules on different profiles in a single app. No worry of switching between schedules from now! You get it all here.

Instagram upload from web!

Exposure The Management App eases your instagram experience allowing you to bulk schedule your instagram profile. No more headache cropping your photos or trimming videos to make them instagram friendly. Our system will crop your photos to match instagram sizes. Similarly Exposure The Management App will trim your videos to 15 seconds automatically before upload.

Video upload support!

You can schedule videos with facebook, youtube and instagram profiles. Instagram videos will automatically trimmed to 15 seconds clip. If you are having a big time converting and trimming your clip and make it acceptable by social sites, Exposure The Management App is you life saver!

Pinterest scheduling!

Now we are supporting pinterest scheduled upload that you can find in very few other websites. Our system will also allow you to add link to your pinterest boards and even youtube videos can also be embedded. Links are scraped for images and we automatically select an image for your link.

Upload text posts as image!

Sites like pinterest and instagram do not allow you to post text status! We have a tool that will convert your text to image and post it directly to your account. So your valuable time to convert text to image is now saved!

Rich Analytics!

Exposure The Management App presents rich analytics of your posted statuses, pages and profiles. You can find how many likes/comments or shares you got on your posts as well as your daily user reach depicted on charts and graphs.

Engage with community!

Exposure The Management App can help you grow your fan pages by allowing you to connect with other fan page managers having same average reach scores as you! You can also share your favorite files and folders with community.

Add signature to your posts!

Our upload tool allows you to add signature to each of your status or captions. Put your name, signature, nick or even a hash tag with all the text statuses and media captions.

Manage your social life in a single platform!

You can manage your social accounts in a single platform in Exposure The Management App. We support facebook, twitter, youtube, pinterest and instagram and more sites are going to be added soon. So stay with us!

Most of the features are available free. So why are you waiting for? Join now

Pricing & Membership Plans

Get the best with upgraded membership plans.


Good for testing and low scale posting

$0 / month
Limited to 2 facebook pages
Limited to 5 facebook posts per page per day
Limited to 5 twitter posts per day
Create max. 2 folders
Create max. 1 upload preset
512 MB disk space
Facebook Video upload supported


Perfect for mid scale posting

$19 / month
Limited to 16 facebook pages
Limited to 24 facebook posts per page per day
Limited to 5 twitter posts per day
Create max. 16 folders
Create max. 1 upload preset
7.5 GB disk space
Facebook Video upload supported


Large scale robust plan.

$49 / month
Unlimited facebook pages
Unlimited facebook posts per page per day
Unlimited twitter posts per day
Create unlimited folders
Create Unlimited upload presets
Unlimited disk space
Facebook Video upload supported
Before upgrading/renewing membership check our help center for more information.